A to Z Challenge -2017 (A, Acceptance)

This is my first time joining the A to Z Challenge.  As it seems to have originated with the blogger.com/blogspot folks (and I’m here at WordPress) I’m “winging it”, and may get it all wrong—so be prepared. 

I gather that in years past, folks have done the challenge around a personal theme—sounds good to me, so my theme will be FAITH (‘daunting’ is always good, yes? shows you have some sand, moxie 🙂 ).

Today is Letter A, and Faith is all about ACCEPTANCE:  “merely” taking a leap, stepping forth with heart OPEN (eyes closed, if need be); saying a grand loud “YES!” to an Invitation.

What invitation have you received today (this year)?  Have you pondered long?  Don’t over think.  Are you ready to ACCEPT? 


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DISCLAIMER:  My faith is in Christ Jesus/Holy Bible.  I write with no intent to judge other faiths/belief systems.

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