NAMES of GOD/CHRIST (#AtoZChallenge)


Name of God speaks Life, Freedom, Power to Heal—The Name


Above ALL Names, Almighty, Great I AM, Alpha & Omega, altogether lovely


Majestic King, JESUS, reigns with mercy, grace, ultimate justice ~ All


Earth manifests, magnifies His Presence; proclaims, praises His Name; and Every knee will bow to His Name*

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: My faith is in Christ Jesus/Holy Bible. I write with no intent to judge other faiths/belief systems.

*More names of God/Christ:

Supreme Being, Lord God, God Most High, Everlasting God, Eternal God, Living God, God of Hosts, Holy One of Israel, Mighty God, Lord God of Heaven, Heavenly Father, King Eternal, Sovereign, Father of Lights, Ancient of Days, Advocate, Author of Salvation, Beginning and End, Beloved of God, Beloved Son, Branch of Righteousness, Bread of Life, Bridegroom, Bright Morning Star, Carpenter, Chief Corner Stone, Chief Shepherd, Christ Jesus, Christ the Lord, Christ the Power of God, Commander, Consolation of Israel, Counselor, Covenant of the people, Deity, Deliverer, Diadem, Door, Eternal Father, Faithful Witness, First-born of the dead, First-born of all creation, Friend, God our Savior, God with us (Emmanuel), Good Teacher, Great High Priest, Good Shepherd, Guardian of souls, Head of all, Head of the Church, Heir of all things, Holy One, Hope of Glory, Horn of Salvation, Husband, Image of God, Immanuel, Indescribable Gift, Jesus, Judge of Israel, Judge of the living and dead, King of Glory, King Eternal, King of Israel, King of Kings, King of the Jews, King of Zion, Lamb of God, Life, Light, Light for the Gentiles, Light of the World, Lily of the valleys, Lion of Judah, Living Bread, Living stone, Lord of Glory, Lord of Hosts, Lord of lords, Lord of the Sabbath, Redeemer, Majestic One, Man of Peace, Man of Sorrows, Mediator, Messiah, Messenger of the Covenant, Our Passover, Great Physician, Prince of life, Prince of Peace, Prophet, Propitiation, Purifier and refiner, Rabbi, Rabboni, Ransom, Resurrection and life, Righteous Judge, Righteous One, Rock, Root of David, Root of Jesse, Rose of Sharon, Ruler, Savior, Sceptor out of Israel, True Vine, Truth, Way, Wealth of all nations, Wonderful, Word of God, Word of Life…

(An inexhaustible list, this one is taken from The New American Standard Bible—The Open Bible Edition ©1960…1977, The Lockman Foundation)

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