Speaking to the Shadow, Key

https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/welcome-to-six-senfence-stories/Β  Zoe’s Cue is KEY


After removing the books and more fragile-looking objects, Zinnia dragged the cumbersome dark bookcase down the hallway from the bedroom, into the living area—and all the while, rain poured and pounded thunderously against the windows.

“Sheesh”, she said, breathlessly, “is this storm part of the deal, have you been holding it captive inside your bookcase?”

She grabbed a cold diet Coke from the fridge, pressed it to her cheek, and fell backward onto the lumpy couch she’d covered with a laundered 50’s-era-turquoise chenille bedspread.

Her eyes pricked with tears as she studied the looming shadow of the bookcase—“you’re not exactly a comforting ghost, if that’s what this scene’s about; making me feel I’m losing track of my last vestige of wandering sanity, while I haul your furniture around.”

She brushed roughly at her eyes, struggling to contain her emotions—“maybe you had a hard life of troubles and an uneasy death, but my life’s been no summer bar-b-q, just so you know.”

Shaking her head, she felt anxiety’s stallions galloping in the back-forty of her mind—then she heard a soft yet distinct sound, something fallen from a nook in the bookcase…there, on the flat gray carpet, lay a tiny brass key.

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29 thoughts on “Speaking to the Shadow, Key

  1. This could go anywhere…that key is the key! And I love chenille – one of these days I’m gonna tell the story of my chenille obsession


  2. I love the way you are building intrigue here, and also sharing Zinnia’s own struggles and self-doubts. I am thinking how we all would react if suddenly we found such a key… so many possibilities! What is it that he wants her to find? I can’t wait to find out!


  3. “Shaking her head, she felt anxiety’s stallions galloping in the back-forty of her mindβ€”” Fantastic image. And a small brass key, how intriguing.


    • You probably need to go back to the previous episodes of the story, and catch up–for now, it’s continuing, week to week… Glad you’re intrigued–thank you! I’ll try to come back with the list of titles for you..in a bit.


    • Okay, here are the 5 previous episode titles beginning with the first one:

      1-Of Will and Wills
      2-Tap-Tap Ye Wraith Unnamed
      3- Point the Way, Wraith
      4-Nobody’s Fault
      5-Entrance to the Stranger’s Mystery

      If you type the title into the Search at top of blog–you should be able to get them πŸ™‚


    • Sounds like there’s a story behind your chenille… Glad you’re enjoying the Diet Coke breaks–“it’s the real thing!” I’m a little slow getting around to reading everyone’s stories–Easter weekend is busy πŸ™‚


  4. Oh this is so good! Do you have the storyline kind of mapped out, or are you in as much suspense as us? I have never tried a mystery . . You are wonderful at it!


    • To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I could write mystery!! I don’t really have it mapped out, no–I have to go by the prompt, which is a wonderful way to do this type of story. I really think the dead guy’s spirit is writing it! Thanks SO MUCH for reading!!!


    • A lot of people hang onto old keys, I hear–perhaps ascribing some indecipherable meaning to them, or a talisman of sorts maybe? Thanks for reading and commenting–after Easter, I’ll get back to reading stories!! πŸ™‚

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  5. Zinnia is very strong indeed. Some of those old pieces of furniture are quite difficult to budge. Turquoise chenille bedspreads will probably come back into popularity again. It seems about the time one gets rid of some old thing, it is once again the “in” thing. A tiny brass key to a jewelry box or a diary, or a maybe a hidden drawer in the bookcase. . .has me wondering what the next SSS will reveal.


    • Hi Pat! So true that “what was old becomes new, ‘in’ again”–I wouldn’t mind having a chenille bedspread πŸ™‚ The tiny brass key was inspired by one I have for a teeny useless lock on a very small cedar box πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!


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