Entrance to the Stranger’s Mystery

https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/its-six-sentence-stories-2/  Zoe’s Cue:  ENTRANCE

In recurring dreams was an entrance to a cave—or old stone tomb; whose, Zinnia wondered, and why draw her repeatedly as she slept?—not an augur malevolent…more a sensed disaffection, alienation.

She woke parched, fatigued from too much pondering the stranger who’d exited Life in these small rooms she was trying to spin—like Rumpelstiltskin’s straw—into a gilded semblance of home; though it felt like brass cage, and she the unhinged bird amidst wraith’s tap-tapping…

Popping her wake-up diet Coke, she surveyed the bedroom mess—her paltry wardrobe, few possessions, spilled from torn boxes and Glad garbage bags—time to make order of chaotic transition.

Sliding open the closet door, she found another legacy of the late tenant—on moving in she’d paid no notice to what appeared as merely rear wall, or a wood plank door, stored and forgotten; now she saw it was the backside of a bookcase, pushed in tight to accommodate hanging clothes.

Pulling and pushing, Zinnia managed to turn the heavy piece toward her, carefully urging it from the closet; gauzy with dusted cobwebs, it held books and peculiar objects, surely meaningful to ‘he-who’d-succumbed’…if he’d placed it back there, still-life secreted, there was a reason, however obscure.

Sharpening Intuition whispered…this shadow-stained weighty bookcase would likely contain something specific she was meant to discover; perhaps another enigmatic message revealed, like that beneath music box:  “Nobody’s Fault”…sweat prickling above her lip and at temples, she shivered, entranced.

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Image ~ Pixabay

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32 thoughts on “Entrance to the Stranger’s Mystery

  1. ah! a bookcase… turned to face the wall (there are few gestures possible with everyday object that convey a sense of … the uncanny, as potently as being turned to face a wall when not necessary (for any daylight reason, at least).

    recurring dreams! nothing says psychic splinter better than recurring dream.

    liking the story


  2. I cannot imagine a bookcase turned to the wall. That simply does not compute. I’m enjoying this series. (I had a recurring dream for many years too. Changing my religion got rid of it. lol) Oh, and nice way to use two different forms of the cue word!


  3. We started out with the dream entrance into a cave or tomb and ended up with her entranced by her find in the closet! I am so excited by what she might find out in that bookcase ! So so,good!


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