Bellflower Tears (Borrowed Poets’ Treasures)

The best thing about blogging is the people.  Since August 2011 I’ve had more blogs than Imelda had shoes, and each year I meet wonderful souls who are talented writers with generous hearts, humor, and spirit. 

On occasion I’m “sparked” by a blogger’s copyrighted photo, and I’ll ask if I may use it to compliment my poetry—with full proper credit given to them, and a link to their post.  I’ve only been refused once—which is certainly the right/privilege of all blog authors.

My experience of requesting to “borrow” lines or phrases of poets here—same promise of credit, link—has been unanimously greeted with flattered permissions.

I’ve recently met Mick E Talbot, a grand gentleman.  When a line he wrote yesterday captured me, I asked to “borrow” it—even though we hardly know each other.  He graciously gave permission—and in the midst of April’s packed schedule, I managed to fold his words into a tanka. 

The link to his blog post where you’ll find his tanka which inspired me, is at the TOP.  I encourage you to visit him, and be enriched.  Thank you, Mr Talbot.  Mick E Talbot’s line:  “Tears splash enticing life”


Awake ‘mid heart-breath

Surprised by tepid tears’ splash

Dew enticing life

Bellflower rings Gone-love’s voice

Absence awash with mem’ries

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay

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20 thoughts on “Bellflower Tears (Borrowed Poets’ Treasures)

  1. Wow! Thank you for all your kind words, and the tanka, sad, but meaningful, would condolences be in order? I love the way you have used my words. indeed enhanced them, thank you. Please forgive me if I have misunderstood your tanka, Take care,



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