Papa’s Rodeo Road

100 Word Wednesday: Week 12

Image Credit: Samantha Scholl


Wild horses couldn’t ride me away

But you carry my heart in your hip pocket

So I, too, follow the circuit

Watch from front-row seats, hand over eyes

Peeking through fingers

As their maned addictive wildness

Drags you through arena dirt

While you chase saddle bronc championship

What’s a gold buckle worth?

‘Everything’, your steel blue gaze replies

Jeans, shirts, spare boots—I pack again

In gear bag—spurs, rope, rosin

Dry my tears so you won’t see

Climb in truck beside you—then

Grin, declare:  “we’ll win Finals this year”

You stroke my cheek…”let’s get to rodeoin'”.

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

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13 thoughts on “Papa’s Rodeo Road

    • Thank you much–it’s because at age 10 I was living in my imaginary world, on the rodeo circuit. I knew rodeo stats like the boys knew baseball. The sport has evolved greatly–much more money to be won now, and almost nobody drives a pickup from town to town anymore, they fly first class. It’s also more strictly regulated–with sanctions imposed for any mistreatment of the animals. And the best part is the improved sports medicine team–though it’s still scary to watch the arena wrecks… Nat’l Finals is held in December each year, in Las Vegas–and for 10 wonderful nights I ride my couch…and hold my breath as the qualifying seconds tick! 🙂

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    • The sport is growing a larger fan base in more recent years, Davy–for a long time, I knew exactly NO ONE but myself who loved it so passionately. People here are more about football, basketball, baseball–so as usual, I was the “odd” person, gaga about cowboys! 🙂 The stand-alone event of Bull Riding is really rising in popularity, and internationally: the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) compete in the US, Australia, Brazil, Mexico–big thrills and BIG money to be made 🙂

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