Point the Way, Wraith


Zoe’s Cue is POINT



Gratitude for the apartment had waned somewhat in her weariness; the dark lingering odor of the previous, newly deceased tenant closed around her in an oppressively pointed way—though not like a period which signifies the end of one life, but rather a disturbing parentheses…as if to include Zinnia somehow.

As buzzards circling over carrion, it was impossible for her thoughts not to return to the stranger; a curiosity induced by the hovering emptiness of his spirit filling shabby corners where lace of pewter cobwebs clung adamantly, despite her determined cleaning.

The peculiar tap-tapping (of still unresolved source) had been replaced by briefly haunting strains of music playing in her half-sleep.

She was certain the sounds didn’t emanate from her one luxury purchase, wind chimes fashioned from various materials…too chilly yet to leave windows open at night.

When she woke again and shuffled to the fridge for a can of eye-opening carbonated caffeine, her focus pointed toward the antique music box which beckoned her to take a second, closer examination.

It was the only object of presumed value the man had left behind, and unlike everything else, was oddly unspoiled by aged grease, grime; she lifted the pristine lid expecting to hear melodious notes—but stern silence reigned.

Β© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay

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23 thoughts on “Point the Way, Wraith

    • I thought it was an interesting description, since we’re talking about it being merely a spirit! Thanks for reading–I’ll get back to yours and the others later…tech difficulties at present πŸ™‚


  1. Wraith… I learned a new word today! This was haunting in the lonely intensity you painted, Zinnia living in the shadows of someone’s past life. A very uncomfortable situation I think. I am eager to know if the melodies will continue and if there is a message to former occupant is trying to convey. Very well done, as always, RL!


  2. I feel unease reading this. The power of your words evoke this response as you describe the feelings in Zinnia. Haunting and I hope the story line continues.


  3. I suppose the best thing when living in a different house is not to upset in any way so gradually it gets used to you are you get used to it. The music box is different however as it will feel it has been left behind and needs to be told how beautiful it is and how well it fits one room or another and that you hope you will be able to hear it play one day. Flatter it a bit don’t flatten it!


  4. “…which beckoned her to take a second, closer examination.

    Which, of course, is the quiet beginning of the ratcheting up of the tension… but the last sentence is where (in the movie version), the camera would totally zoom out so we could catch a glimpse of some movement in the dark-hall background.
    So much for engaging the Reader, non?
    lol (enjoyed this installment)


  5. Thank you for sending me the links so I could catch up on this story! That first sentence/ paragraph, was so excellent! What a starter for this chapter ! I think I may have a publisher in mind for you! :).


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