Saga in Tapestry

100 Word Wednesday: Week 10

Image Credit: Bikurgurl


It was a special day—my sister’s tapestry would be unveiled and displayed at the university.  She’d been working on it arduously for four semesters, and hoped to win department honors, state-wide recognition, a cash prize and perhaps a coveted position on the faculty after graduation.

Students and staff alike gathered in the auditorium.  Chit-chat quieted as the tapestry was unrolled with deliberate—or unconsciously dramatic—slowness.

I was in the front row, of course—and fortunate—so that my shock might be better concealed.  There, in exquisite hues of rich floss, was the saga of our mercilessly nightmarish childhood.

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

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27 thoughts on “Saga in Tapestry

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  2. What an ominous tale! I didn’t see that last line coming — the love and support of the authors sibling is now easier to see in the unraveling of the tale in imagery of a childhood broken. Wonderfully unfurled — thank you for joining us 🙂


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