Where Luck Waits ~ 3LineTales

Three Line Tales, Week 59

photo by Brian Gaid via Unsplash

Desperate for a vacation to save their marriage, they argued over destinations; she longed for the Hawaiian islands, he dreamed of a ski trip on glistening mountains.

There was next to nothing available, affordable—flights were booked solid everywhere.

One package, an incredible deal, suddenly caught his eye…“hey, do you believe in leprechauns?  Maybe luck is waiting to meet us in Ireland”.

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8 thoughts on “Where Luck Waits ~ 3LineTales

    • Which reminds me of yet another Celtic movie: “Matchmaker” (Jeanine Garafalo, Denis Leary and a great Irish cast)–it’s a romantic comedy, if you’ve not seen it, and better than most in the genre. Come to think of it, I’ve yet to see a bad movie come from The Emerald Isle! There’s another one which I can’t recall the title of–small Irish community, the men put an ad in the paper for American women to visit (for the end-goal of marriage); only to discover that they’ve overlooked the fine girls right there among them.

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