The Return of Beechum Vay  CUE:  RETURN

The return of Beechum Vay was a remarkable surprise to everyone, in view of how he’d left 15 years ago.

An odd man, Beechum was, nobody disagreed there—from his tuft of rust-colored hair, long skinny neck, Humpty Dumpty shape, to old-fashioned gaiters—and that was merely considering his appearance.

He’d been run out of town for questionable behavior with a minor—a spurious allegation at best, not prosecutable; but getting shut of not-like-us weirdos made mothers of minors feel better—and Beechum bid adieu without a fuss.

If nothing else, though, Beechum was a blessed and favored man:  the day he’d been invited to exit the county limits was also the day he’d won the Reader’s Digest Million-Dollar Sweepstakes—now he was back.

“Well, Beech, I see yer still kickin’,” his sister greeted him, “did you burn through all yer riches?”

“No, darlin’, I made a killing in the market and other assorted amazing investments, and I’m home; home as in, I’ve bought the whole dang town, Sister—hope ya didn’t give away my clothes.”

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

Image ~ Pixabay

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