Broke-down Palace

100 Word Wednesday: Week 8


Image Credit: Frank Jansen


Broke-down Palace, strangers call it—

Judgment of blind, arrogant outsiders.

They’re impoverished in ways

I’m glad I’ll never know—wealth,

With its everything-new shine, conceals a deathtrap.

This is my town, home by adoption.

I love every inch of peeling paint…much like the

Fond faces, old-timers still holding on—

Enjoying coffee and pie everyday

In Bev’s Bakery, chatting over two-page ‘Gazette’.

The church is a mess—pews that squeak

And shimmy, loose from generations of

Stand-up, sit-down, kneel;

The furnace frequently quits in winter,

Forcing everyone to sit close, to keep warm.

Broke-down Palace…community of 1001 humble saints.

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Broke-down Palace

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  2. few places like this left where I live, in Asia development swallows everything, i miss the corner coffee shops and old men playing checkers on a flattened cardboard box – lovely thoughts on a bygone era sealed in a capsule here


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